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May 29, 2006
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Yukari VS Nanami XD by Kate-san Yukari VS Nanami XD by Kate-san
Yukari: The Pink-Haired Cheerful Gal.

;p This girl represents me...actually i didn't plan for this girl to represent's all because of my sis...tell the story later...returning to Yukari...i like the name 'Yukari' so decided to at least give the name to her...[i don't plan to give the pic the title 'Yukari VS Nanami' but i changed my mind ^^;]...i've been longing to use the name Yukari for maybe forum entry or as a name in i dunno...i decided that i use the name Kate-san instead ;p but seriously...this doesn't represent me...well...just a little bit ^^;...i choose the colour of clothes, hair, shoes...ermmm everything!! so that's why i said it represent me a little...if you know what i mean...hehehe ^^; but a little bit of her as you she from the pic itself...big eyes, shoulder-length hair [but NOT pink] and that cheerful attitude...yup that's me XD

Nanami: The Dark-Haired Mischievious Gal

;p well...this girl here represents my sis...the colour of the hair, clothes, eyes, ...and ummm...everything about her is my sis...and it's quite true...all those colour that she chose is HER colour in real life...but not the hair in my opinion...her hair is not that's a little bit brown ;p let me see...micschievious? Hait!! naughty?? hait!!!! big eyes?? dame....^^; her eyes is slightly smaller than mine....;p

The Story Behind:

pretty long description huh?? at first i wanted to name 'Nanami' 'Yukari' but then my annoying sis comes along and laughs at the name 'Yukari' that i gave TT_TT...she said it's dare she...>_< anyways...i changed it to 'Sakura' and the other one [pink-haired] 'Momoko'...i told her that these names represents flower...that made her shut up for a while ;p...then come to filling in the base colours...i worked on 'Sakura' [black-haired] first...i fill in with this colour and that colour and should've heard all her comments on the colours i chose...pretty annoying really i decided she should choose the colours for 'Sakura' the choosing of colours started...then i think again...if she's the one who choose the colours for 'Sakura' then i should be the one to choose the colour for 'Momoko' then i think again...if 'Sakura' is for my sis, and 'Momoko' is for me...wouldn't it be better if we're the ones who choose the name too?? so, i ask her to give 'Sakura' a new name to represent herself and since her nick name is 'Nana'...she decide to give the name 'Nanami'!! and how about me?? i did said i like the name 'Yukari' so i changed the name 'Momoko' to 'Yukari'!! Problem solved! XD and here i present you "Yukari VS Nanami" which also means " Kate VS Nana" and i really hope that you understand the 'story' that i've told ;p...and not forgetting to mention...i hope you like it!! XD :boogie:

p/s i know that there's not so many variations in my work...example...the light source is always either left or right and my drawings are mostly girls...i will try to do better next time ^.^
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vatenkeist Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2006
XDDD woah cool wat... the post reminds me of haruhi lololool or was it just me o_o .. anyways keep it up XDDDD..
Kate-san Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2006
thank you ^___^
you mean haruhi from host club??
never seen it but sounds very interesting...i want it since i read about the anime in stars ^^
xyle Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2006
Great characters, very lively~
Good perspectives on the hands =D
Kate-san Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2006
arigato~ :blowkiss:
xyle Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2006
Daitoshodigimono :slow:
mayuzane Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2006  Student General Artist
Good composition.
Kate-san Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2006
trueyamigirlfriend Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2006
I like the coloring on this one, along with the playful/lively poses.
Kate-san Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2006
arigato ^^ :hug:
raidenokreuz76 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2006
wow fiery red O_o XD

im impress with this pic o-o pretty vibrant color X3

you could have made the outline smoother and less visibile ^^ still this is nice ~
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